Special Reports


Perspectives 2018

2 February 2018 - This report takes a broad and local look at these and other key issues that do or can impact stability and security and, when possible, providing some indication as to how they could evolve. We don’t pretend to have an answer to all the questions we ask - our crystal ball was misplaced by one of our interns - but to introduce those queries that we will regularly discuss in our Weekly Security Brief and through our tactical coverage of the region in Le Beck Alerts mobile app.

Iranian Protests

5 January 2018 - While the protests have shaken the Iranian establishment, the regime still has many ways to crackdown, water down, and eventually mute the demonstrations. After initially being hesitant as to how to address the protests, in part due to efforts by conservatives to exploit the movement, statements blaming foreign enemies, including from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and frequent pro-government rallies signals a more decisive mobilisation of the regime.

Trump's Cabinet Nominees

13 January 2017 - President Elect Donald J. Trump will be kicking off his presidency with some notably controversial cabinet picks. For those across the globe, there is legitimate concern regarding how these appointments, who assist the president in formulating policy, will impact decisions. The fact is that the actions of the United States can and will directly impact security and stability in the Middle East, whether for the better or for the worse. As a Gulf-based security and risk management advisory company, it is important for us and our clients to understand how this might unfold. This report, therefore, is intended to be a primer for Trump’s foreign policy-related cabinet picks, listed in alphabetical order of appointed position.

Economic Reforms in Egypt

19 December 2016 - The recent floatation of the Egyptian Pound (EP) and the subsequent International Monetary Fund (IMF) financial stimulus package have averted an immediate economic crisis, but at a high cost to living standards. The effects of the floatation and the austerity measures linked to the IMF programme are likely to push more people into poverty over the coming year.